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Vire Productions is a one woman company and I do all of my work solo. I create visual materials from ideas to script, from script to actual film production, from raw material to post-production - and the ultimate goal is always to find a way to deliver the highest quality, no matter what is your budget.


- Events: covering the atmosphere and vibe at your event prior, during and after. 

- Photojournalism: telling stories with pictures. 

- Music videos: a playfield of visual art. Only sky is the limit!

- Commercials: how to show the core values of your work and skills? 

- Documentary movies: shorts and long documentary movies. 

- Portraits: pictures in locations or studio environments.


Photography with single portrait 500 kr/67 eur

Event photography 5000 kr/670 eur 

Event filming 8000 kr/1 073 eur

Film projects 8000 kr/1 073 eur

Indie music videos 15 000 kr/2000 eur

Event photography and film -  package 20 000 kr/2700 eur

Wix website building and photography for the web design 25 000 kr/3 361

(All prices are minimum prices and excluding vat/moms)

There is always a possibility to pay in several parts. We will figure out the payment rates and monthly payments together.


The prizes are evaluated by how much the time, gear, crew, locations and post-production is needed to get to the desired goal. Pricing varies a lot due to the project. 

What kind of photos or footage are we about to produce? Pictures that need a special settings or lots of editing in the postproduction?

Is filming and photography happening during one day or several days, even during a longer period of time?

How long post production time? How much material we need to record and how long is the end product?

Do we need to go back and forward with filming and photo sessions to meet the goals?

Do we need a script or casting? How far are the filming locations? Do I come to you or you to me?

How many edited pictures and videos are we producing?


It is very different kind of amount of work if there are several locations, many people involved and challenging circumstances, than if we produce a creative portrait in the studio environment. Studio environments are always easy to control, where as authentic locations and outdoor locations are not that simple. 

Any kind of settled prices are almost impossible to know beforehand I know more about your ideas. That is why meeting and talking about your creative ideas is a good way to start! I am also very fond of indie and low budget projects, so almost every time it is very important to talk about your ideas and goals individually. We will usually always find a solution where the budget and the production costs will meet perfectly.

- Terhi

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