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From Finland to Denmark
VIRE is a finnish word and it has multiple meanings. It means a faint breath of wind, a breeze. Yet it can mean the special sound of an instrument, how the sound and music has it´ s unique colours.  An yet it can mean the energetic state of being.

The word VIRE resonates everything I do - and what I am.

I am Terhi, finnish born University level educated cinematographer and photographer. I started my career as a cinematographer and editor at YLE (Finnish broadcasting company) 2006, where I was working on a documentary series. There on I started my own company and was filming on various range of TV-programs, documentary films and reality shows.

I moved to Denmark 2012 and decided to focus on my work to be more in line with my inner values. We can give the best of us when we are driven, in service with others and really believe in the work we do.

The most important thing I have learned through my work is we all have our own stories which are unique. Our narratives, experiences and paths in life are like no other. 

As a photographer and filmmaker I seek to find the authentic connection with people, work with pure intuition and bring the emotional and raw connection into the visual art.

I have always been driven by the stories of others and curious to learn more. The variety of people and connection with others makes life joyful, inspiring and beautiful.  In the end we are all spiritual beings and connected in deeper level.

I am here to be at your service to work with you and your ideas, empower, create and collaborate with kindness, joy, empathy and trust.

I hope you will follow the journey with me. Let´ s create something beautiful to this world - to inspire others to do the same.

Love, Terhi-Anneli
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